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GO SUBER presents a Cork Quality Guide

One of the publications that emerged as part of the GO Suber Operative Group (Modernization of the peel to improve productivity) is the new one Cork Quality Guide, through which it is intended to publicize some of the advances achieved in terms of improving the marketing and valuation of cork and its by-products. Another of the objectives of the guide is to explain basic technical concepts so that anyone without specific prior training can understand one of the most fundamental aspects of the cork sector value chain: the quality of cork, whether it is a piece, plate or cap.

The guide contains information on cork classification in the field, cork anomalies or new application Corkclass 4.1 developed as part of the project to improve the qualification processes of cork lots in the field on the basis of objective criteria.

The GO SUBER Operative Group

GO SUBER is a project that has brought together different agents related to the cork extraction sector, forest owners and research centers with the aim of carrying out an Innovation Project. The main milestone of the project has been to modernize the task of cork extraction by mechanizing the peeler, optimizing cam procedures and improving health and safety conditions. Another line of work has been the valorization of cork and its derivatives for better marketing, through, for example, new uses such as green facades.

In the framework of this project the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation has coordinated the preparation of the Mini guide to New Cork Applications. The publication collects examples of applications of the cork material in its many forms and aims to be a reference to diversify its activity.