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Catalan Institute of Cork


Collaborate by making a donation
and make a corker future possible

The Institut Català del Suro is a non-profit scientific foundation that looks after the defense and promotion of the Catalan cork sector, from the forest to the final product.

For more than 30 years we have been working for the sustainable management of the forests, to boost the cork and wine industry through a noble product and natural 100% like the cork and to search new applications for the material through research and development.

Your contribution helps us stand up to the climate change, minimize the risk of forest fires, preserve the biodiversity and maintain work places in rural areas.

Can you help us?

Find out about the tax reliefs for your contributions

Your collaboration with the Institut Català del Suro Foundation has a tax deduction on your income statement, do you want to know how it works?
Natural persons resident in Spain

80% relief for the first 150 euros of Personal Income Tax and a 35% relief for the rest of the annual income tax donations or 40% for regular donors.

Legal entities registered in Spain

Relief from the 35% of the value of donations on the Corporation Tax or from the 40% for regular donors.

For more information or to make your contributions, you can contact us at