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New service: post-bottling oxygen permeability analysis

The Cork Center Laboratory, the laboratory of the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation, offers a post-bottling oxygen permeability analysis service, known as nanooxygenation, in order to determine the influence of oxygenation on the evolution of a wine through the cork. The ultimate goal of the service is that the wine, tapera and alcoholic products industries can know the oxygenation of the different caps in order to offer the most appropriate depending on each type of wine.


Oxygen in winemaking

The management of oxygen and oxidation-reduction reactions are part of the challenges that winemakers have to face during the production and aging of wine. The processes by which the wine can have a contribution of oxygen occur when there are movements of the wine, filtrations, bottling and post-bottling.

The method of analysis

Oxoluminescence is a non-destructive method that makes it possible to monitor a cap for months or years. It allows the direct measurement of the amount of oxygen inside a bottle by means of a luminescent pulse and the return time in OTR (oxygen transfer rate), TPO (total oxygen in the container), DO (dissolved oxygen ) or HP (headspace).

It is measured by means of a transmitter and receiver probe that emits a light pulse that is directed to a sensor attached to the container.

It is an easy-to-use device that incorporates technology that is more like reality, so that the results obtained can be easily extrapolated.

Offer of services

This analysis is another sample of the new range of services of the Cork Center Laboratory that will soon be launched with the aim of making our technical knowledge available to the wine sector, supporting its competitiveness and providing tools to facilitate that each winery markets the wine with the characteristics it desires. Two more new services have recently been introduced: the control of aromas in wineries and the control of the longevity of the wine.

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