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Corkclass 4.1, a tool to classify cork wedges as pluggable or waste

As part of the project GO SUBER "Modernization of the peeler to improve productivity" the application has been developed Corckclass 4.1. Its purpose is provide tools for the classification of cross-sections of raw cork wedges of approximately 20 centimeters in length from the plans of gullies made by forest owners and dividing them between pluggable or waste based on the caliber and the anomalies that can be seen with the naked eye. The application, whose development is based on previous models, can be used by directly observing the plate or using an image of it.

It is a tool that is aimed at improving the processes of qualifying cork lots in the field, as it allows a classification of sections based on objective criteria that can be carried out by anyone.

The classification process is fast, allowing a large number of samples to be evaluated and improving the accuracy of the estimates. It is based on a mathematical algorithm that classifies the panels according to the score that the user gives to the parameters that are observed, such as: defects, the yellow stain, belly, insect galleries, porosity, exfoliation, greenness, earthy pores or quality .

Corckclass 4.1 has been developed by ETSI Montes Forestal y del Medio Natural (UPM) within the framework of the GO SUBER Operative Group, which brings together different agents related to the cork extraction sector, forest owners and research centers such as the Institut Català del Suro Foundation with the aim of carrying out an Innovation Project with the following objectives:

  1. Modernization of extraction works through mechanization
  2. Improvement of working conditions
  3. Review of extraction organization systems and procedures
  4. Improvement in the commercialization and valuation of cork

The project has been financed in the 80% by the EAFRD Fund, within the call for subsidies for the execution of innovation projects of general interest by operational groups of the European Association for innovation in the field of agricultural productivity and sustainability (AEI-Agri) in 2018.