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Annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Taps de Finca

The Board of Directors of Finca caps has approved one modification of the project regulations in order to optimize the traceability of the caps that are part of the project, starting with the preparers, passing through the tapers and ending with the cellars.

This change includes the use of a shared reference code between all agents to facilitate product tracking. In addition, it incorporates a certificate issued by the Institut Català del Suro Foundation which assures wineries that the purchased corks comply with the current version of the Finca Corks Regulation and that they have satisfactorily passed the required quality controls according to the specifications indicated by the UNE standards.

The purpose of this modification is documenting the journey takes the cork from the forest to the bottle in order to give the maximum guarantees both to the wineries that participate in the project and to the consumers who choose to support the production of local corks.

The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of Tap de Finca took place on March 24 in Cassà de la Selva with the attendance of representatives of the DO Empordà, the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation, theAssociation of Catalan Sugar Entrepreneurs and the Forestry Consortium of Catalonia.

the project

The Taps de Finca project, promoted by the DO Empordà and the Institut Català del Suro Foundation, refers to local corks made with quality native cork extracted from cork oaks located in the same Empordà wineries or nearby farms. They are currently participating 9 tappers, 4 winemakers, 1 association of forest managers and 13 wineries, which produce around 35 references of wines with Tap de Finca.