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We provide training for the Association of Winemakers of La Rioja

The Institut Català del Suro Foundation (ICSuro) has carried out theoretical and practical training on "The importance of closure and how to optimize the bottling process to guarantee the quality of the wines" for'Association of Winemakers of La Rioja (AIR). The session took place at University of La Rioja i more than 50 people attended between AER associates and university students.

The technical day has been in charge of the technician of the laboratory Cork Center Gema Guerrero and the director of ICSuro Albert Hereu, who have spoken about issues such as:

– Types of closures and standardization.

– Bottling, transport and storage of wine. With the collaboration of the technical director of Península Viticultores Tao Platón.

– Sensory aspects of wine.

- Novelties and future lines in the study of cork-wine interaction.

– False myths about cork.

The session was very well received by the attendees, who commented on the need for the oenology training curriculum to deepen the good practices of capping due to the importance they have in the conservation of wine.

Commitment to training

The ICSuro values very positively the training session for the Association of Winemakers of La Rioja, which is part of the commitment of the foundation of share knowledge about the role of the cork in the oenological field with the main players in the world of wine and offer tailor-made training according to the interests and needs of each group in the sector.