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The Regional Council supports the ICSuro Foundation in Circular Economy projects

The Regional Council of Baix Empordà supports the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation in projects ofCircular Economy. The purpose of this agreement is give the corks a new use and the users of the Tramuntana Special Work Center in Palafrugell will be in charge of sorting the recycled corks. This agreement opens new avenues of collaboration for the Center and the Foundation throughout the year.

The president of the Baix Empordà Regional Council, Joan Manel Loureiro, participated in the signing of this agreement; the second vice-president and advisor for Social Welfare and head of the Tramuntana Special Work Centre, Sílvia Romero; the president of the Institut Català del Suro (ICSuro) and president of AECORK, Joan Puig; and the director of ICSuro, Albert Hereu; and the mayor of Palafrugell, Josep Piferrer.

The president of the Regional Council, Joan Manel Loureiro, assures that these projects are beneficial for society as well as for the environment: "From the very beginning we have been looking for circular economy projects in our region and now we must join forces between all so that they can move forward".

Based on the sorting of corks that the Tramuntana Center will carry out, the surplus of recycled cork will be used to make scocellos in future urban design projects. This project is one of those that the County Council has supported, and is called the ALCORKE Project.

The second vice-president of the Council and head of the Tramuntana Centre, Sílvia Romero, affirms that the new lines of work that are being adapted to the center fit very well with this project: "We see very positively that the triage is done at the Tramuntana Centre, as we are specialized in the area of the gardener and will improve the occupational condition of all the users of the center".

The mayor of Palafrugell, Josep Piferrer, who is also part of the Institut Català del Suro, defends that the territory has very good conditions for the cork industry: "The Baix Empordà must be a county regarding the recycling of cork and today we start with the collaboration of the Tramuntana Centre”.

The Institut Català del Suro Foundation fights against the climate emergency caused by the increase in temperature and the socio-economic situation caused by covid. The president of ICSuro, Joan Puig, emphasized that with "this agreement, the use of by-products from the cork and wine industry within the framework of the circular economy strategy is facilitated, since the recycled corks will be used in new urban applications".

The Institut Català del Suro Foundation is a non-profit cultural and scientific foundation whose mission is to promote the Catalan cork sector through research and research on the cork and other applications, controls of quality at the Cork Center Laboratory and communication for the dissemination and promotion of the conservation and responsible use of corks.

The foundation adheres to the Economy of the Common Good movement and is also a member of GEAccounting and has begun the process of monetization and calculation of its social and environmental impact. They have continuously collaborated with social insertion companies, as is the case with the Tramuntana Centre.