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GO Suber shows the options for modernizing the cork peeler

The GO Suber Operative Group (Modernization of uncovering to improve productivity) has concluded with the presentation of the project's conclusions and the General guide to Innovative Mechanized Peeling Practices.

What is GO Suber?

The GO Suber 2018-2020 Operational Group brings together different agents related to the cork extraction sector, forest owners and research centers with the aim of carrying out an innovation project. The main objective of the project is to modernize the task of extracting cork through the mechanization of the cam. In addition, it seeks to valorize cork and its derivatives to improve their marketing, through new technological applications and their new uses. The GO Suber project is divided into 8 sub-projects of which the Institut Català del Suro Foundation (ICSuro) coordinates the sixth: R6. Development of new applications of granulate and / or pelagrín.


He has also coordinated the drafting and elaboration of the Miniguide for New Cork Applications.

Results of the project

GO Suber had four main objectives to be achieved until the end of the project: Modernize cork extraction work through mechanization, improve working conditions, improve and review the extraction organization systems and procedures and improve the assessment of cork. Its development and results, as well as the publications edited within the framework of the project, can be consulted in the table below:



General Guide to Innovative Mechanized Peeling Practices

The General Guide to Innovative Practices in Mechanized Peeling is an introductory document to the cork sector and to traditional corking that finally collects the results of the project in terms of modernizing the peel to make it more productive and includes more advice on improving the conditions of occupational health and safety in subculture.

This general guide adds to and complements the Mini guide to New Cork Applications and the Cork Quality Guide also developed within the framework of the project.