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We talk about new business opportunities in the cork sector at the Emili Garolera Forestry Conference

What new business opportunities does the cork sector offer? This is the question that the R+D+i technician of the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation Maria Verdum deployed at XXXVIII Forestry Technical Days Emili Garolera, which took place online on May 14.

During the presentation, three different cases were presented: the biosorbent capacity of cork through decontamination and water treatment, the possibilities of cork by-products in the cosmetic industry and the recycling of cork caps.

Pilot green cover with cork

In the framework of GO SUBER Operative Group a pilot green cover was developed with cork as substrate and/or support, taking advantage of its insulating and bioabsorbent characteristics.

The project allowed us to conclude that a green facade with cork is an innovative system that represents a substantial improvement in the competitiveness of this material compared to other systems that use non-sustainable materials. The application of cork involves improvements in terms of thermal, acoustic and resistance, which represents an innovation compared to current commercial systems.

Biosorbent capacity of cork

The aim of this study was to obtain cork extracts rich in polyphenols, using sustainable methodologies. It was concluded that the extracts obtained from the chosen by-products have more than 500 grams of polyphenols per gram of extract. Therefore the door is opened to a wide variety of relevant properties shown by the polyphenol family, such as its antioxidant power, anti-inflammatory, free radical scavenger and antimicrobial properties as well as a new market niche.

Scotch with cork

The aim of this project is to be able to recycle the corks and give them a second life by collecting them, crushing them and mixing them with glues using them in tree stumps. This initiative opens the doors to turning waste into raw material for different constructive solutions.

The Forestry Technical Conferences Emili Garolera

The Emili Garolera Forestry Technical Conferences are an initiative of Forestry Consortium of Catalonia born from the concern of forest owners and managers to learn about new forest management experiences, designed to become a window of applied knowledge and executed to facilitate the exchange of management experiences. Over the years, it has opted for the technology of the days.