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GO SUBER – Operative Group for the modernization of the peel to improve productivity

Funded by:
"PROJECT CO-FINANCED TO 80% BY THE FEADER FUND WITH A TOTAL AMOUNT OF AID OF €532,954.36 European Association for Innovation in Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (AEI-Agri), within the framework of the National Rural Development Program

The absence of mechanization in the cork extraction work, or uncapping, is one of the main problems brought about by subericulture, that is, forestry applied to corks. Uncovering is still carried out in the 21st century as it was more than two hundred years ago, manually, with the help of the ax and the lever, which points towards a necessary modernization.

The conditions in which the uncovering is carried out make this profession unattractive for the new generations, due to the temporary nature of the work, the difficulty it entails

the handling of the ax (requires strength and skill), and the dangerousness of the work (sometimes involves climbing the tree). As a result, the specialized workforce

it is scarce and aging, and moreover, it works with serious security gaps.

The GO Suber Operational Group brings together different agents related to the cork extraction sector, forest owners and research centers with the aim of carrying out an Innovation Project, with the following objectives:

1) Modernization of extraction works through mechanization

2) Improvement of working conditions

3) Review of the extraction organization systems and procedures

4) Improvement in the marketing and valuation of cork.

The project, underway since 2017, plans to mechanize and revise the extraction systems, modernizing the uncovering so that it is more productive, as well as improving occupational health and safety conditions in subculture. The project is subdivided into 8 sub-projects of which ICSURO coordinates the "Development of a green roof with support, taking advantage of its insulating and bioabsorbent characteristics".