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Vinisfera, a wine tourism suite with cork

From the R+D+ii Department with the architecture studio ERA Architects we have created a completely innovative project in the field of sustainable construction, with the contribution of new cork utilization techniques.

The project, which is named after Vinifera Suite, consists of the design of a suite prototype of glamping o multifunctional space that innovates with Catalan cork biomaterials, and that rethinks the treatment of water in processes in the wine sector.

The mission is to create and test the prototype to innovate in products and processes linked to the Catalan wine sector, while uniting three concepts:

  1. Proactive wine tourism: it is intended that users know the proposal and show a proactive attitude when carrying out this type of ecological wine tourism.
  2. Circular economy: the project wants to reuse all the products and materials used by wine and cork makers in order to optimize and achieve a totally ecological execution.
  3. Bioconstruction: favor the construction of structures under the ecological term and thus promote eco-tourism.

The space would be made up of bio-materials that come from recycled cork: the walls, the floors, the pavements... taking advantage of the different benefits that recycled cork stoppers can offer. Besides, the glamping it would be built surrounded by vineyards in order to achieve a natural 100% ecosystem.

The space, then, must be special and meet specific characteristics for the following reasons:

  1. It is a natural-tourism ecosystem that rethinks the water purification process.
  2. It is made from recycled corks and other by-products from the winery.
  3. It aims to give the user a unique experience to create a permanent bond with the winery and nature.

No doubt, a project that aims to persist for a long time in the wine tourism framework and that will favor the application of the circular economy paradigm among wineries.

Below, we leave you with a video in which you can learn more about the project: