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We join the #PorElClima Community to accelerate climate action

The Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation joins the Community #PorTheClima, what does he want mobilize all of society to accelerate climate action from areas such as citizens, organizations, companies or administrations. Currently, there are almost 20,000 registered users.

Its main objective is to bring together all those pioneers who plan to face the climate crisis by reducing their emissions by achieve the goal that the average temperature of the planet does not exceed 1.5º compared to pre-industrial levels.

What does the Institut Català del Suro Foundation do?

In the framework of Program of Voluntary Agreements for the reduction of greenhouse gases promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia through the Catalan Office of Climate Change, the Institut Català del Suro Foundation has been monitoring the greenhouse gas emissions it generates since 2015 and annually establishes measures to reduce them.

  1. Projected cork covering of the foundation facade (2015)
  2. Automation of thermostatic regulation (2015)
  3. Change the electrical installation to make it more efficient by replacing the fluorescents in the offices (96m2) with LEDs (2016)
  4. Change and improve part of the electrical installations (2017)
  5. Change two 72W light points for low consumption led panels (2017)
  6. Continuation of the 100% renewable electricity supply contract (2018)
  7. Change two 72W light points from another part of the facilities to low-consumption led panels (2018)
  8. Continuation of the renewable 100% electricity supply contract (2019)
  9. Install a self-supporting green facade with cork of about 400m2 to the west of the building (2019)
  10. Continuation of the 100% renewable electricity supply contract (2020)
  11. Reduce travel and face-to-face meetings: acquire a video calling device and a platform that facilitates non-face-to-face group meetings (2020)
  12. Moving information to the cloud to facilitate telecommuting (2020)

Cork thrust

That of the ICSuro Foundation is a paradigmatic case, since as far as possible the actions taken to reduce the emission of GHG have cork as the main element, thus working #PorElClima with its flagship product, which is sustainable, recyclable and reusable and fixes more carbon dioxide than it retains.

You can consult the foundation's #PorElClima profile here.