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theCatalan Institute of Cork (ICSURO) and the University of Girona (UdG) are looking for candidates to complete an industrial doctorate. The doctoral thesis will focus on the search for new applications of the by-products of the cork industry and will be carried out between the two centers.

The cork industry generates different types of solid waste and wastewater, which can have high value properties. Specifically, we want to make a special impact on two important by-products: cork granulate and the boiling waters of cork slabs, waste that can give rise to very interesting product valorization options. In the case of cork granulate, we want to evaluate its suitability as a substrate in decontamination modules of constructed wetlands ("wetlands") to eliminate pollutants present in the effluents of a wine industry. In the case of the waters generated in the process of boiling cork boards, the aim is to obtain different polyphenols that can be suitable for a wide variety of industrial, medical and food applications.

Those interested can register on the following website: