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Cork visit with the Catalan Association of Sommeliers

The Institut Català del Suro Foundation, theCatalan Association of Sommeliers and representatives of the Barcelona Wine Week they have shared a cork day that has served for deepen the knowledge of cork and create synergies around this material intrinsically linked with wine.

The activity, promoted by the ICSuro, was held this Wednesday with a program designed to present the cork sector from all its aspects, from the forest to the table.

The day started at Can Vilallonga (Cassà de la Selva) with the welcome by the president of the ICSuro, Joan J. Puig, a visit to the cork factory and an explanation about the art of the cork cam by the hand of theEloi Madrià, experienced peeler and popularizer of the cork sector. The importance of forest management was highlighted, of knowing when it is time to harvest so as not to damage the tree or to peel carefully in order to extract the best material for the industry.

The cork morning followed with a visit to the factory By Maria Taps, which makes natural corks for still wine. There, sommeliers were able to see the process that cork goes through to become stoppers to cover the best wines and the technology and innovation that goes into the cork industry.

Finally, it stopped at the headquarters of the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation, where attendees could see the facilities of the Cork Center Laboratory and the range of services it offers to the cork and wine industries, in addition to knowing the cork standardization task that is coordinated from the foundation. To finish, a sensory workshop was organized on the aromas shared between wine and cork and a brotherhood lunch.

The action was a complete success that was positively assessed by both parties and the main objective of the day was fulfilled: that those in charge of uncorking the bottles can learn first hand where the cork material comes from and the properties of the stopper as guardian of the wine.