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The vice-president of the Provincial Council of Girona and the deputy for Environment visit the Institut Català del Suro Foundation

The first vice-president of the Provincial Council of Girona, Pau Presas, and the Deputy for the Environment, Anna Barnadas, have today highlighted their commitment to the cork sector in a visit to the Institut Català del Suro Foundation in Palafrugell.

The vice president of the Provincial Council has reaffirmed the territorial interest generated by cork and has announced future work meetings with the ICSuro Foundation to work together and deploy common projects of interest to the sector in areas such as communication, innovation or environmental services .

The president of the Fundació Institut Català del Suro, Joan J. Puig, has given a very positive assessment of the meeting and the future shared projects that can be derived from it and has highlighted the importance of the Provincial Council of Girona being sensitive to the Foundation's mission .

The meeting began with a visit to the offices and facilities of the Cork Center Laboratory and later the board of trustees met with the vice-president and the deputy for Environment to explain the current situation of the cork sector, both from the point of view of industrial and forestry views, and move them strategic lines 2020-2025 of the Foundation:

  1. Investigate the contribution of the cork in the positive evolution of wines
  2. Increase the sustainable use and regeneration of cork oak forests, an example of symbiosis between human and natural ecosystems
  3. Investigate the bioeconomy of the cork sector for its special contribution to the mitigation of climate change and local economic dynamism
  4. Disseminating the value throughout the territory of the use of cork forests for the maintenance of its ecological, cultural, economic and social particularities, towards its inhabitants and abroad
  5. Promote international knowledge of the contribution to the bioeconomy and responsible consumption of the cork sector

On behalf of the ICSuro Foundation, the president Joan J. Puig, the vice-president Rosendo Castelló, the mayors of Palafrugell and Cassà de la Selva, Josep Piferrer and Robert Mundet, who are part of the Board of Trustees, Guillem Genover, patron and Albert Hereu, director of the Foundation.

The Institut Català del Suro Foundation

The Institut Català del Suro (ICSuro) is a non-profit, scientific private foundation whose mission is to promote the cork sector.

It has three main lines of action: research and research on the cork and other applications, quality controls of the corks through the Cork Center Laboratory and communication for the dissemination and promotion of the conservation and responsible use of corks .

The Institut Català del Suro was established in 1991 as a public-private consortium and since 2019 it is a private foundation that works to become a world-leading entity in cork research.