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The SYSTECODE 2020 campaign begins

Once again, the registration campaign has begun SYSTECODE, one quality assurance system for the cork industry which allows them to offer their customers the guarantee that their products meet the standards, since their production processes have been checked and analyzed objectively.

This quality assurance method is established by CELIÈGE (European Cork Federation), which in 1992 started the Quercus research project with the participation of 7 European countries, several public and private laboratories. The conclusions of this project, combined with concerns of users of cork products regarding traceability during manufacture, led CELIÈGE to devise the International Code of Corking Practices to be the international reference not only for the companies involved in the production and sale of corks but also for users.

To ensure that companies apply the code's recommendations in their production practice, SYSTECODE has been established, an accreditation system by independent experts to confirm that good manufacturing methods for cork stoppers are being used. The body designated by CELIÈGE for granting certification under SYSTECODE is the internationally respected organization Bureau Veritas.


What aspects does SYSTECODE audit?

SYSTECODE accredits compliance with the requirements included in the International Code of Tapestry Practices, which are part of Quality Management activities from the point of view of processes and resources. It regulates areas such as the production of products, the management of resources, the monitoring and measurement of processes or purchases.

The implementation of CIPT requirements in the Quality systems of cork companies that wish to voluntarily incorporate such requirements, ensure maximum excellence in product performance thanks to the fulfillment of requirements carried out in all phases of the production processes .