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The mechanized extraction machine, the great novelty of the cork peeling course

To promote the old profession of cork peeling, this month of June a new one has been organized in Can Vilallonga (Cassa de la Selva) course of cork peelers. Thirteen active professionals have participated for three days in this training, the main innovation is that the students were able to test the mechanized sack machine developed in the framework of the project GO Upload that the company has given Coveless.

It is a team that allows you to take a step forward to professionalize and technify a profession that has been done manually with an ax for more than 200 years. Among the advantages of the machine, it stands out that the main layer of the tree cannot be damaged, that the risk of occupational accidents due to cuts is reduced, that it does not require previous experience in harvesting and that it is easy to use or that pieces of cork come out more straight and therefore with more commercial value.

The training also included an introduction to the world of cork and forestry, knowledge of the different extraction tools, learning the art of peeling, tips to avoid bad practices or a cork classification guide as well as practical extraction training traditional


The peeling course is organized by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Food of the Generalitat of Catalonia in collaboration with the Instituto Catalan del corcho Foundation, the Consorcio Forestal de Cataluña, the Cooperativa Servicios Forestales and the Consorcio de las Gavarres.