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The ICSuro Foundation acquires the latest technology in gas chromatography

The Cork Center Laboratory, the laboratory of the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation, has 20 years of experience in the analysis of aromas in wines using gas chromatography and has been updated at the same time as chromatography instruments have evolved. If 6 years ago the latest evolution in gas spectrometry was incorporated, a triple quadrupole detector which meant a great advance to detect aromatic compounds in complex matrices, such as red wine, at nanogram levels in a sensitive, precise and selective manner , recently acquired the latest revolution in gas chromatography, the ARROW-GCINTUVO-QQQ.

The advantages of this new equipment are the incorporation of the ARROW arrows with more adsorbent than the previous SPME fibers, minimizing the extraction time, and a faster chromatography ramp due to the INTUVO technology of the chromatograph. This new equipment allows the laboratory to carry out the analyzes of volatile compounds much more quickly while maintaining the same sensitivity, precision and robustness while optimizing the time of the samples. Having fast and reproducible results in the detection of aromatic compounds will allow wineries to make decisions on the same production line, and avoid economic losses due to insufficient or late quality control of aromatic compounds.

The bet on chromatography

Gas chromatography has always been one of the most requested services at the Cork Center Laboratory, as well as one of his big bets. Along with mass spectrometry, it has become an essential technique for quality control and detection of aromatic defects in still wines and sparkling wines. Over the years, chromatography equipment has advanced technologically and equipment that could previously only be found in universities or large research centers, have now become very useful tools for wineries to perfectly know the aromatic composition of their wines.

Anna Oliveras, head of the chemical area of the ICSuro Foundation, believes that "the pandemic has shown us the importance of science and well-conducted analyses. We have seen that parameters such as selectivity or sensitivity, until now unknown to the majority of the population, became common in our conversations.

20th anniversary of the Cork CenterLaboratory

The Cork Center Laboratory, the laboratory of the ICSuro Foundation, 20 years ago this 2021 became a reference for the cork and wine sectors thanks to the experience acquired over the years and the most advanced analytical instrumentation available to the wineries

The Institut Català del Suro, created in 1991, opened the Cork Center Laboratory in 2001 to join efforts between wineries and cork producers to bet on the standardization of corking and seek quality standards that benefit both parties. Twenty years later, it has become an institution specialized in the interaction between cork and wine, and its main objective is, according to the director of the Institut Català del Suro Foundation, Albert Hereu, "to help wineries to offer their best wine with the cap that best suits them".