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The cork, recommended for the first time in a law

Last Tuesday, February 11, 2020, the Parliament of Catalonia approved the new Catalan Wine Law which, among other aspects, states that "the Catalan Institute of Vine and Wine (INCAVI), in accordance with the denominations of origin, must promote the cork for wine packaging as an element of quality and innovation".

This inclusion has been the result of the work of the Institut Català del Suro Foundation (ICSuro) and the Associació d'Empresaris Surers de Catalunya, AECORK, which has participated in several negotiation tables and appeared before the Parliament Report last year month of July to explain to all the deputies of the presentation the importance of the cork sector as a example of a circular bioeconomy, which contributes to the maintenance of Catalan forests and is a sustainable and biodegradable 100% element which, consequently, should be promoted as a preferred cover for Catalan wines over less sustainable and less valuable alternatives added for the wine and for the territory.

From INCAVI, its director general, Salvador Puig, explains that this law has been formulated so that it is "a cross-cutting axis of all the sectors involved in wine, among them, cork". For Puig, it is also important to highlight that the concepts of "sustainability and proximity, values that cork represents", are widely represented in the different points of the law. Last but not least, Puig wanted to stand out "the positioning of Catalan wine as a wine of quality, prestige and added value, and the cork is the ideal complement for a wine of this category".

For Albert Hereu, director of the Institut Català del Suro, "the inclusion of the cork in the new Wine Law, in the form it contemplates, is an explicit recognition of the work that the Catalan cork sector has been doing in terms of innovation and the evaluation of the cork as an oenological tool“.

It is the first time that an autonomous or state law includes the cork stopper among the recommendations. Neither the previous Catalan wine law (Law 15/2002) nor the state law in force (Law 24/2003) amends the capping of wine.

ICSuro wants to continue working so that more and more laws include the cork as the reference closure for wines