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The Cork



Strategic line

Goals 2023

1. Investigate the contribution of the cork in the positive evolution of wines.

Aroma box publication. Publication of UNE OTR and Carbon Footprint standards. Research polyphenols-OTR and 2nd fermentation sparkling. CSA Congress '2023

2. Increase the sustainable use and surface area of cork oak forests, an example of symbiosis between human and natural ecosystems.

2 Demonstration projects: LIFE stands and professionalization of skinning. Strategic Plan 2050 for the Catalan cork sector.

3. Investigate the bioeconomy of the cork sector for its special contribution to the mitigation of climate change and local economic dynamism.

Completion ALCORKE + EPECS + OKM. Cork3D.

4. Spread the value of the use of cork forests throughout the territory for the maintenance of its ecological, cultural, economic and social particularities, towards its inhabitants and abroad.

Communication Plan 2023.

5. Promote international knowledge of the contribution to the bioeconomy and responsible consumption of the cork sector.

Cork training at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).