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The Tap de Finca helps put Catalonia's cork forests into production

In 2022 they were manufactured 180.000 Finca caps coming from about 53 hectares of cork.

These data demonstrate that the Tap de Finca project, which carries out the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation with the Regulatory Council of DO Empordà and the collaboration ofAECORK, helps put the cork forests in Catalonia into production, which if they reach their maximum production potential can go from the extraction of 7,000 tons of cork per year to 11,000 tons. A number of raw materials that the Catalan cork industry has the capacity to absorb in its entirety.

Catalonia currently has 124,000 hectares of cork, half of which are pure corks. Its management is an indispensable condition not only for the good production of cork, but also to obtain the environmental values and benefits it offers, such as maintaining the biodiversity of the habitat, preventing fires, avoiding erosion or the regulation of the water cycle. The cork forest also offers other environmental services such as ecotourism, hunting or picking mushrooms and truffles.

theAlbert Hereu, director of the Institut Català del Suro Foundation, has focused on the sustainability of cork, a product of the earth that, in addition to being local, contributes to reducing the ecological footprint, in the world of wine, both the glass bottle and the cork are one of the most ecological containers that we could find on the market, in contrast with other alternatives that are presented in the packaging of most products.

The Taps de Finca project

The Taps de Finca project, promoted by DO Empordà and by the Institut Català del Suro Foundation with the support of the Associació d'Empresaris Surers de Catalunya, refers to local corks made with quality native cork extracted from oak trees corks located in the same Emporda wineries or nearby farms. Currently, 9 tappers, 4 winemakers, 1 association of forest managers and 13 wineries participate, producing around 35 wine references with Tap de Finca.

6th edition of the Cork and Cork Fair

The novelties of the Tap de Finca project have been disclosed coinciding with the presentation of the 6th edition of the Tap and Cork Fair from Cassà de la Selva.

This Tuesday, June 13, we were able to have a taste of three of the activities that are part of the essence of the Cork and Cork Fair, which this year is in its sixth edition. We attended a demonstration of cork peeling, with Eloi Madrià, a great connoisseur of the profession of peeler who will also give a demonstration of peeling this weekend, and we were also able to taste the traditional breakfast of peelers

Then we visited the De Maria Taps cork factory, which was the stage where the sixth edition of the fair was presented, this year we were accompanied by a large representation of Instagrammers from the world of wine and wine tourism in the territory that they have been able to discover and document the cork manufacturing process, from the cork oak to corking the best wines in the world.

The councilor for economic promotion Joan Casabó and the mayor, Robert Mundet, have presented the new edition of the Fira del Tap i el Suro, which will take place this weekend in Cassà and where more than 40 activities have been scheduled. This is an event around the world of cork, a natural product deeply rooted in most of the municipalities of the Gavarres massif.

In this edition, the video "Cassà, town taper" will be premiered, which explains the manufacturing process of a cork today, from peeling the cork, through the industrial process of manufacturing the cork to the companies from Cassà cork to the bottle of wine or cava.

In addition, the film "Suro" will also be shown with the assistance of the director Mikel Gurrea and the actor Josep Estragués. Gaudí Award for Best New Director and Best Actors at the XV Gaudí Awards, and Irizar Award for Basque Cinema, Fipresci Award and Best Basque Screenplay Award at the Sant Sebastià Festival.