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Sustainable baskets with recycled cork

From the Fundació Institut Català del Suro we are launching a project to recycle natural cork caps for urban scocells.

These are natural corks that we collect from wineries and that we crush at El Trust thanks to the collaboration of Oller Group. We would also like to thank thePalafrugell City Council to give us the space to do the tests.

The current solutions for the rocks have a rather high environmental impact (iron, concrete, rubber), compared to the solution proposed by ICSuro, which has a very low environmental impact since it uses a natural and biodegradable 100% product, such as natural cork, and takes advantage of a waste that, despite being biodegradable, can be reused, extending the useful life of the material and revaluing it.

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 11.21.09


In our project we use the binders with the lowest environmental impact on the market, and the immediate challenge is to find resins of natural origin to obtain a sustainable 100% solution in order to further minimize the environmental impact of rocks, so present in our cities.

In addition to these benefits, we want these corks to serve as a demonstration of the properties of cork for citizens. Let them see the cork as one local, natural, sustainable material with multiple applications.