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Cork, present at the sustainable architecture conference

The director of the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation, Albert Hereu, attended the sustainable architecture conference on October 21 RE_Architecture held at the Cap Roig Auditorium in Calella de Palafrugell, where several examples of the use of cork in construction were exhibited.

The aim of the presentation was to show that it is a material of the future due to its technical properties, such as thermal and acoustic insulation, impermeability or cushioning capacity among others, which make it a material optimal for construction. Likewise, the sustainable nature of the material was emphasized, which is natural 100% and has a negative carbon footprint.

Albert Hereu intervened in the block of conference materials and took part in a debate with the vice-dean of the College of Agricultural and Forestry Technical Engineers of Catalonia, Albert admits, who explained the potential of technical wood in Catalonia and the possibilities of using it in construction, and with the architect Elizabeth the Fourth, who gave the example of two houses made of cork: the House of the Forest, which incorporates heat-treated cork in the facade, and Ca l'Agata, which uses only natural, quality, breathable materials, without toxic substances added according to aesthetic and health criteria and which remind the forest of what cork is.


(Photo: The Green Thread)

The days

RE_Architecture is a day of conferences and debates on different aspects of sustainability in the field of architecture that is part of the program RE_Palafrugell, which was born at the initiative of theInstitute of Economic Promotion of Palafrugell with the aim of creating a space for reflection through leisure activities and also in the professional field, from where a territory committed to the new socio-economic paradigm is valued.

You can consult the entire program of the conference here.