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Diffusion day for forestry demonstration projects

the project SURROGATE of development of a cork cam certification still its final stretch with the definition of the pilot course for cork peelers, which will take place at the end of next May with ten places on offer. It is expected that both young people interested in learning the keys to the cork cam and experienced peelers who seek to have a certification that validates their knowledge will participate in this trial edition of the training. The teachers and examiners of the course will be active professionals in the cork field.

The pilot test will also serve to verify the effectiveness of the cork peeling manual, certification standards, or examination sheets that have been developed and validated at the discretion of the project's panel of experts. The purpose of this documentation is for the candidate to learn and demonstrate that they have acquired sufficient skills to perform the maintenance of tools and machinery, prepare the tree for the cam and extract an adequate amount of cork from it in a manner efficient and safe.

The definition of the course was worked on this Thursday in a meeting atSanta Coloma de Farners Agricultural Forestry School with the main agents in the sector, in which the video of disseminating the peeling profession and synergies with the forestry project have been explained and soughtDissemination of new cork management techniques to improve its productivity and resilience”, which coordinates the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation (ICSuro) and that SUROCAT is financed through the 01.02.01 Technology Transfer operation of the Rural Development Program of Catalonia 2014-2022.