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Bet on sustainability and savings through solar energy

The Institut Català del Suro Foundation (ICSuro) has done one this year bet on solar energy with the installation of a photovoltaic system made up of seventy-six solar panels with a power of 34.58 kWp. This initiative aims to reduce the bill and achieve greater electrical autonomy, as electricity is the main source of the Cork Center Laboratory's activity.

It is estimated that with this investment, 66% of the entity's energy needs will be covered. The investment has cost 32,245 euros and it is estimated that it will save around 8,600 euros per year, which is why it is expected to be repaid in four years and make ICSuro's activity viable in the long term.

Solar panels are one of the most efficient renewable technologies available to combat climate change, a struggle inherent in the cork sector, which has a negative carbon footprint. With this installation, it is estimated that a saving of 18,316 kg of carbon dioxide will be generated.

Another step towards sustainability

With the commitment to solar energy, the ICSuro Foundation takes another step towards sustainability in its management. A milestone that he pursues year after year with initiatives such as his accession to the Program ofVoluntary Agreements of the Catalan Climate Change Office or the alignment of its action with the guidelines established by Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and with the principles ofEconomy of the Common Good.