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A sensory panel is one sensory demonstrative activity which consists of detecting and identifying, following a tasting sheet, the presence of attributes positive and negative indicating what they are and their intensity.


  • Improve them quality controls that are carried out in wineries and cork makers through knowing the different sensory descriptors that can be found in cork samples and the development of nine sensory analysis methods

  • Improve the sensory competence of the technicians, operators, commercial or staff in general of the cork and wine companies to offer a product free of defects to the consumer.


The demonstration activity of the sensory panel contemplates 4 sessions:

  • Demonstration session I: Sensory analysis methods on corks
    In this session, the sensory analysis methods will be updated, and the methods will be tested on real samples innovative, faster and non-destructive.

  • Demonstration session II: Descriptors defined in the aromatic profile of cork
    The aim of this session is to give a sensory demonstration of the aromas which may be present in cork, identifying descriptors, families and intensities.

  • Demonstration session III: Emerging aromas
    The aim of this session will be to determine the sensitivity to emerging or unusual aromas in the tasting panels. Through the results obtained in a tasting session, the sensory perception limits of the new aromas will be confirmed.

  • Demonstration session IV: Interaction of the different aromas with the wine or cava
    The aim of this session will be to demonstrate the existence of the aromas analyzed in the samples of session II and III in different matrices (red wine, white wine and cava), and you will see how these aromas are expressed and the different aromatic notes presented in each matrix.


July 17, 2019 Demo session I Sensory analysis methods in corks
November 20, 2019 Demonstration session II Descriptors defined in the aromatic profile of cork
February 12, 2020 Demo session III Emerging aromas
April 15, 2020 Demo session IV Interaction of the different aromas with the wine or cava


The sessions they will start at 9:00 and they will have one duration of 2 hours. Work will be done in small groups, so it is possible that, depending on the number of attendees, different groups may be created modify the schedule.

All sessions will be held at headquarters of the ICSuro: c/ Miquel, Vincke i Meyer, 13 – Palafrugell (Girona)

With the funding of:


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