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Quality in laboratories: ISO 17025

The concept of quality is very broad and has become more sophisticated over the years to the point of being essential in any activity. Depending on the type of activity, we have a very complete range of standards, from document quality, regulated by ISO 9001, through food safety, regulated by ISO 22000, to environmental quality, regulated by ISO 14001 standard.

In in the case of laboratories, the standard that guarantees the quality of this service is the ISO 17025 standard. On this occasion, we are not talking about certifications but about accredited laboratories. This is because the body that verifies compliance with this standard is ENAC (the National Accreditation and Certification Entity), the only competent body at state level.

What are the advantages of working with ISO 17025 accredited laboratories?

  1. It ensures the reliability of the results of the analyzes and the validation of the analytical methods.
  2. It confirms the technical competence of laboratory staff and measurement equipment.
  3. It adds value to the results in front of international legal regulations and in front of public administrations.
  4. It reaffirms the impartiality and confidentiality of laboratories.

In the laboratory Cork Center Laboratory since 2017, the ISO 17025 standard has been adopted in order to consolidate customer trust and increase competitiveness with other laboratories. Recently, we obtained the renewal of the accreditation, after the initial 3 years, and in this way we can continue to offer the best service for our customers.

The Cork Center Laboratory also has theaccreditation with number 675 and the recognition with number 676 in the Registry of agro-food laboratories of Catalonia (DOGC No. 5433 -31/07/2009).