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SUR3D: Development of a biodegradable material with recycled corks for 3D printing

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The SUR3D project wants to develop a biodegradable material with recycled corks for 3D printing. The main objective of this collaborative work is to use corks to obtain a new composite with a biodegradable polymer suitable for additive manufacturing with extrusion technologies.

In this way, it is intended to promote the recycling of corks within the framework of circular economy strategies. With the generation of this new material, it is also sought to promote the substitution of plastic products of fossil origin in favor of bioplastics of renewable origin.

The members of the project are INNOVI, the Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia (MAV Cluster), the Eurecat technology center, OIMO Bioplastics and the Institut Català del Suro Foundation. It is a project approved by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MINCOTUR).