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Study of the potential of the circular economy of the cork sector

Funded by:
Waste Agency of Catalonia "Aids for projects promoting the circular economy 2020"

the project "Study of the potential of the circular economy of the cork sector" aims to increase the competitiveness of the cork sector through the application of thecircular economy in its production process.

Cork is a material with a combination of properties that make it unique, versatile and suitable for a multitude of applications for many sectors; these new business niches will favor the diversification of the Catalan rubber sector, exclusively focused on the wine cork.

At the same time, the study seeks to reinforce the example of circularity of the cork sector by other Catalan sectors through communication actions outside the cork sector itself.

This project seeks to position the cork industry as a paradigm of sustainability, not only because of its negative carbon footprint, but because the increase in the added value of the entire cork value chain and the utilization of waste and by-products of the cork industry will allow new forest masses to be put into production, which helps reduce the risk of fires, combat climate change, fix carbon and consolidate jobs in rural areas.

The study will last two years and is promoted thanks to the "Grants for circular economy promotion projects 2020" from the Waste Agency of Catalonia.