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MINETUR CORCHO ACTIVO: Feasibility of the application of the by-products of the wine cork industry as active substrates in plant covers

Funded by:
Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism within the Scientific and Technical Research Plan of Innovation 2017-2020 within the framework of the Strategic Action of Economy and Digital Society


"It's a writing project not an execution"

In general, the project aims to obtain more information about the possibility of using by-products from the cork and wine sector as substrates for smart green roofs. Likewise, it is intended to have the necessary documentation and consortium to be able to design and implement a green roof with control sensors in a winery. At the end of the project, you will have the necessary information and materials resulting from the tests and studies carried out.

The project will consist of 5 work packages of which 3 should be highlighted:

PT 1. Feasibility study of the use of cork as a substrate / support for a green roof in a wine cellar

PT 2. Definition of operating conditions and cover design

PT 3. Preparation of the pilot implementation project

The proposed project is the study of the real practical application of some previous results obtained by the Department of R + D + I of the Institut Català del Suro (TECNIO center) as a result of the work on the strategic lines of the institution, and from the experience of EURECAT technology center in automatic technologies for monitoring, sensors and water treatment - sustainability. As part of the Cork Characterization project and by-products of the cork industry. Evaluation of these as biosorbents of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in runoff water, the result was the doctoral thesis of Dra. Patricia Jové, it was seen that this by-product has a higher removal percentage of certain pollutants present in the water (such as pesticides and nitrogen) than 50%.