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Integrative management for an improved adaptation of cork oak forest to climate change. life+suber.

Funded by:
Project funded by: Life+2013. Project coordinated by the Forestry Consortium of Catalonia (2014-2018)

Climate change poses a major threat to the conservation of corks, the sustainable production of cork and the value chain linked to this product. Among the main threats that will predictably affect the cork trees, and the effects of which are already being manifested at the moment, it should be highlighted: the lower vitality and productivity due to greater water stress, the increase in pests especially Coraebus undatus, and the greater frequency of large forest fires. In addition, these foreseeable impacts are added to a legislative framework in many aspects, inadequate to deal with this new context.

This project has as its main objective the implementation and transfer of innovative forest management techniques in cork to promote adaptation to climate change and increase the resilience of forest systems dominated by Quercus suber, thus favoring the conservation and maintenance of the associated value chain.