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FORSU: Ecodesign and testing of concrete bricks made with cork by-products

Funded by:
Waste Agency of Catalonia

The project aims to evaluate the potential of a new material made of concrete and cork (which has been called FORSU) intended for the construction sector. This material is manufactured from a mixture of cork granules and concrete. The percentage of cork is higher than 19%.

FORSU is intended as a material to form construction parts for the use of closing facades, interior walls and partitions. This new material will allow the entry into the market of pieces such as bricks, blocks and bricks. The use of cork will imply an improvement in the conditions of transport and placement due to the decrease in weight compared to other products that do not have cork.

Cork is a fabric that forms part of the bark of the Quercus suber L. tree, an indigenous tree species exclusive to the Mediterranean forest. Cork is a natural, renewable and biodegradable material with a combination of properties that make it unique and versatile. These properties include its low density, high mechanical and fire resistance, low thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as being a good thermal and acoustic insulator and possessing great elasticity. These properties make cork a unique and versatile material when looking for new applications, as would be the case with concrete-cork blocks.

FORSU is a material with a lower environmental impact than traditional concrete, which will promote the circular economy by incorporating into the market the by-product of the cork industry that did not enter the market, giving it a sustainable commercial use and an economic value.