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Cork, present at the World Vine and Wine Congress of the OIV

the next June 7 at 11:00 we will be at Room 5 from Congress Palace of Cadiz speaking of "The contribution of cork to the value chain of the wine sector". The presentation, framed in World Vine and Wine Congress 2023 of OIV, will be in charge of Doctor Patrícia Jové, responsible for RD+I of the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation.

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Issues such as:

  • The influence of cork on the micro-oxygenation and subsequent evolution of wines.
  • The second fermentation of sparkling wines in bottles with cork stoppers and its influence on the pressure and the aromatic profile of the wines.
  • The social and environmental contribution of the cork sector.
  • The sustainable management of the cork oak in the face of the challenge of climate change.

The session will include a sensory workshop of cork aromas.

Institutional representation

The presidency of the Institut Català del Suro will attend the congress and will be interviewed during the event with the general management of the OIV to convey the importance of the sustainability of cork to the world of wine.

Cap recycling 

The Institut Català del Suro will also collaborate with the World Congress of the OIV through the cork recycling to allocate them to circular economy projects. The goal is extend the cork life of the caps so that it continues its function as a reservoir of carbon dioxide and gives greater value to the final product beyond its composting through its recycling in the organic container.