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New aroma control service in wineries

The Cork Center Laboratory, the laboratory of the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation, has developed a new service from control of aromas in wineries which makes it possible to quickly and sensitively determine the 10 critical aromas that can affect the final bouquet of a wine in the cellar.

The method

The ICSuro Foundation has set up the latest chromatographic technology with the combination of thermal desorption coupled to GC-MS/MS for the monitoring of critical points in the wine production chain. The analysis method by GCMS/MS is faster, more sensitive and more selective and allows the detection of aromas such as wet earth, green pepper, pea or mould.

To carry out the analysis it is necessary to select the sampling area, collect and place the tubes in the sampling area, send the tubes to the Cork Center Laboratory and proceed with analysis by thermal desorption and GCMS.

Get the desired bouquet

The purpose of this new service is guarantee wineries that they will be able to obtain the desired final bouquet of their wine by quantifying defective concentrations of desired and unwanted aromas.

This analysis is another sample of the new range of services of the Cork Center Laboratory that will soon be launched with the aim of making our technical knowledge available to the wine sector, supporting its competitiveness and providing tools to facilitate that each winery markets the wine with the characteristics it desires.

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