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Millennials and Generation Z associate wines with natural cork as the most prestigious

Cork has protected, inspired and fascinated mankind for centuries. And it continues to do so today. A study carried out by Wine Intelligence, world leader in research and study of wine consumers, has detected that both Millennials and Generation Z associate wines closed with natural cork as the most prestigious.
The data verifies this. 18% of respondents aged 18-24 expressed their disapproval of screw caps.

"This study shows that the new generations of young people are sensitive to the sustainability of the planet, they know what they want and what their values are and their commitment is undoubtedly to the cork, a material that is completely respectful of the environment and that has a negative carbon footprint. It is clear that this line of sustainability is the future and we are sure that the wineries, always sensitive to the current consumer, will know how to take good note of these preferences towards the cork" says Joan J. Puig, president of the Association of 'Entrepreneurs Sures de Catalunya (AECORK).

In the words of Albert Hereu, director of the Institut Català del Suro Foundation "The Millennial generation represents almost a quarter of the Spanish population. Understanding their motivations is very important for developing business strategies. The information that this study reveals shows that cork is a material with a lot of future and a lot to take into account in the design of products and in the use of brand messages for the wine sector".

Synonymous with good wine
Despite the existence of alternative caps such as screw or plastic, cork remains the preferred one thanks to its unique benefits.
Made with cork oak bark, it manages to preserve the wine and allow it to evolve inside the bottle thanks to the micro-oxygenation capacity of the cork stopper.

100%ecològic i sostenible
Its use, moreover, is a great example of environmental sustainability since its obtaining does not involve deforestation or the cutting of a single tree. Its extraction from the cork oak is carried out using a manual and traditional technique in which the bark is removed which regenerates over time.
For a society that wants to be more environmentally friendly and has a vision for the future, cork is the only natural, reusable and recyclable 100% material. In addition, it offers a wide variety of uses and properties that, today, no technology has been able to reproduce.

Another interesting fact to highlight is that corks release 31 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year - eight of which correspond to Spain. A natural way to contribute to the mitigation of climate change.
A real mark of quality not only because of its excellent qualities but also because of its extensive historical background. Its great longevity, capacity for resilience and constant regeneration make it the favorite now and always.