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More attentive than ever to this cam season

theEloi Madrià he says that peeling cork is like a surgical operation: expert hands, knowledge and attention are needed to interpret the signals given by the tree. This year we will have to be more attentive than ever to these signs. Cork cam usually begins at the end of May, when the tree has finished the process of leaf change and flowering. The peeling must be done at the time when the cork follows easily, so that the generative layer is not damaged during the cam operations.
In the same way, during this period, it is necessary to suspend cam work at times when the weather is not suitable: rains, sunsets, etc.

It is also not advisable to peel in areas with significant biotic or abiotic damage, such as areas that have suffered attacks from the hairy cork caterpillar. Because of the persistent drought and high temperatures this year we may find ourselves with a reduced peeling season just at a historic moment where the economic profitability of sustainable cork management is higher than ever.

The growing worldwide demand for this very particular natural material means that many resources are invested in taking care of corks, monitoring them, managing them sustainably and obtaining cork in a conscious and renewable way. It is advisable to put yourself in the hands of experts while managing the corks with a vision of the future, which is why the sector is promoting projects to optimize the peeling process, to better understand the state of the forest, to fight against pests and to train cork peelers to carry out the cam operation in the best possible way. In the meantime, the Catalan cork industry is patiently waiting for a good cork harvest to continue promoting zero kilometer responsible consumption.

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