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As part of the 25th anniversary celebration, this organization has received 285 high school, secondary and primary school students with the aim of making known its work and the values of cork.

The ICSuro has received the visit of 285 students from 3 municipalities in the regions of Girona such as Palafrugell, Palamós and Girona, as well as from 5 educational centers: INS Frederic Martí Carreres and Escola Torres i Jonama de Palafrugell, Escola Bell-lloc del Pla de Girona, INS Palamós and Escola Vedruna de Palamós. There were 165 high school students, 70 secondary school students and 50 primary school students.

The aim of the visits was to make known the work carried out by the ICSuro, the values of the cork material and the familiarization of the young people of the regions of Girona with the operation of a professional laboratory in the agri-food sector . At the same time, the economic, social and environmental importance of the cork forests in Catalonia and the business fabric that makes up this century-old industry, which is a clear example of a sustainable economy, has been transferred.

ICSuro has opted for the interactive dissemination of the world of cork, through a brief introduction to the cork sector, the realization of a sensory analysis workshop and a visit to the facilities of the Cork Center laboratory. In this sense, in the sensory workshop the students were able to experience the aromas contained in the cork and which can help the optimal evolution of the aromatic profile of the wines. During the visit to the laboratory, they were shown the quality controls carried out there, as well as the research and innovation that this center brings to the cork and wine sector. All this, with the intention of transferring the applied part of the theoretical knowledge that the students acquire in the classrooms.

These visits have been carried out as part of the 25th anniversary of ICSuro throughout the months of February, March and April this year, with the aim of making the activity of this consortium known to future generations.

Some of these activities have been jointly coordinated with the Museu del Suro de Palafrugell, through guided visits to the museum itself, the Torre de Can Mario (an emblematic space of the cork history of Palafrugell), the facilities of the ICSuro and companies that manufacture corks.

Throughout 2016, this body commemorates its 25th anniversary by holding several events, conferences, visits, meetings, etc. in order to make known the strategic lines and the activity of this body to the public involved in its activity.