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Recognized as a new technology developer at the service of companies' competitiveness.

TECNIO is the seal awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya, through ACCIÓ, to identify where the most innovative technology is found, the developers who offer it and the facilitators involved in the technology and knowledge transfer process.

In this case, the Institut Català del Suro (ICSuro) has been recognized as a developer entity that generates new technology and transfers it to the company, either through the realization of R+D projects, as from of the provision of services to the cork, wine and food industry.

The benefits for companies of working with a technology supplier under the TECNIO label are: facilitating participation in international R+D+i programs, linking with new technology suppliers, helping to develop innovative products or services and access to new technologies, others.

The current technological offer of the ICSuro focuses on the research of:

  1. Processes and technologies related to the optimization of the manufacture of cork stoppers.
  2. Development of new products with cork, composites of natural origin, by-products of agro-food industries and other forest products with the aim of increasing their added value. For example, the use of these materials as substrates for additive printing or the development of products in the construction sector.
  3. Studies of cork-wine/cava interactions in order to enhance and take advantage of the unique and beneficial properties of cork.

According to statements by the director of the ICSuro, Albert Hereu, "It is good news for the entire Catalan cork sector, since through our organization, companies will be able to expand access to new research and innovation services integrated with the rest of TECNIO centers in the network". He adds, "this seal, in addition, is a guarantee for the company of the service we offer in terms of R+D+i".

The TECNIO accreditation allows you to be part of an exclusive community of prestigious entities in the field of research and innovation in Catalonia, with the main objective of making companies in the cork, wine and food fields more competitive .