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[VOLUNTARY AGREEMENTS] ICSuro explains construction solutions with cork

Last February 6 we participated in the Practical workshop on actions to reduce GHG emissions, organized by the Catalan Climate Change Office and Lavola.

This day focuses on explaining some measures aimed at reducing GHG emissions from electricity consumption, given that these emissions, according to the data from the 2018 inventories, accounted for 53% of the total emissions reported by those adhering to this Program. These emissions are greatly influenced by the electricity consumption of the organization but also by how the electricity consumed is generated. Other types of measures will be discussed in the coming days.

From ICSuro we participated by explaining the experience in construction solutions with cork that help reduce CO2 emissions and that we have carried out in our facilities since our adhesion to the Voluntary Agreements in 2015:

1. Projected cork coating on part of the facade. Projected cork is a building insulation technique that involves applying cork granules with a gun along with resins and pigment.

– Reduction of energy consumption per m2: 5-20%*

– Cost range per m2 (material + installation): €14/m2 + €10-15/m2

– Type of work (major or minor): minor

– Availability of the material in Catalonia: cork is a km0 material (there are at least two companies that offer it)

2. Self-supporting facade prototype. (This initiative is part of the GO Suber project*) Development of a green roof with cork support, taking advantage of its insulating and bioabsorbent characteristics.
One has been designed and built pilot green cover with cork as substrate and/or support with the purpose of verifying the efficiency of water management, energy efficiency and encouraging the economic and environmental performance of the cork forest sector through the use of the by-product of the agri-food industry itself (mainly wineries).

(*)”PROJECT CO-FINANCED IN 80% BY THE FEADER FUND WITH A TOTAL AID OF €532,954.36. European Association for Innovation in Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (AEI-Agri), within the framework of the National Rural Development Program 2014-2020, for the year 2018.