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Agreement with the Barcelona LCI School of Design

As we already did with god throughout 2018, this year we established a collaboration with the Interior Design Degree of theLCI School of Barcelona.

Final year students will have to do one proposal to remodel the ICSuro offices, always using cork by-products, while taking advantage of the characteristics of this material.

Last March 15 they visited the facilities of Superior quality, one cooperative of forest owners which is also responsible for the first preparation of cork for the industry, especially for the production of wine and cava stoppers.



The visit continued with a walk through a corkscrew, close to Quality Suber, which is located in Santa Coloma de Farners.


The students finished the day by visiting the facilities of the Institut Català del Suro, in order to learn more about the uses that are made of the space and how to improve it through your proposals.