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Jordi Nadal, father of the country's industrial history and closely linked to cork, dies

He has died at the age of 91 George Nadal, great exponent of the economic and industrial history of Catalonia and Spain and closely linked to the cork sector.

Jordi Nadal was born in 1929 in Cassà de la Selva and was the grandson of the cork businessman Francisco Oller, who started working in a cork workshop and thanks to his entrepreneurial vision ended up opening his own factory and becoming a benchmark in the export of champagne corks in France. In fact, Nadal himself claimed that he had "industry in his blood" and that he admired his grandfather's courage and tenacity.

His family heritage and his academic knowledge led him to participate in the International Congress Seals, Factories and Traders. Past, Present and Future of the Surer Business which took place in February 2005 in Palafrugell and which addressed the problems of the cork industry from various perspectives (technical, economic, historical, political...). Jordi Nadal was in charge of chairing the scientific committee of the aforementioned congress, which had the participation of the Catalan Cork Institute and the Association of Cork Manufacturers of Catalonia, among other institutions.

His career as an intellectual and historian led him to receive numerous recognitions, such as the National Prize in Economic Sciences, the "honoris causa" doctorate from Pompeu Fabra University and the University of Girona or the Sant Jordi Cross that he gives the Generalitat of Catalonia.