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Joan J. Puig, new president of the European Cork Confederation

Joan Josep Puig Castro, president of the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation and of theAssociation of Catalan Sugar Entrepreneurs, has been elected president of CE Liège, the European Cork Confederation that integrates the main countries that have a cork industry.

The election of the new president, who replaces Mr. Joao Rui Ferreira, it was done unanimously, and for a period of 3 years, at a meeting of the Confederation that took place in Palafrugell.

For Joan J. Puig, being at the head of the organization is "an honor and a great responsibility" which he undertakes "with the desire to work together in the defense of a noble and natural product such as cork, and with the will to do it transversally between countries in order to successfully meet the major challenges facing the cork sector".

The new board of directors of the CELIEGE, at the proposal of the new president, is also integrated by two vice-presidencies, with a 1st vice-president in charge of Mr. Paulo Americo of Portugal (APCOR) and a 2nd vice-president in charge of Mr. Joaquin Herreros of Extremadura (Asecor), and a Treasurer in charge of Mr. Nicholas Mensior of France (FFSL).

Mr. Jean-Marie Aracil has been ratified in his position as Scientific Director.

Joan J. Puig has been president of the Association of Cork Entrepreneurs of Catalonia (AECORK) since 2014, president of the Institut Català del Suro Foundation since 2019 and general director of the tapera company Francisco Oller S.A.