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The Trust is a cork mill that generates, mostly, granulate for the production of traditional cava caps. Respectful of the environment, we are concerned with achieving maximum use of natural resources in our transformation process, making sure to energize Catalan cork culture and the benefit this entails for our economy and natural environment.
Of the 7 products they have, the so-called Granulates are intended for the manufacture of traditional cava caps, while the Sub Granulates are mostly used for the manufacture of insulation. Finally, Cork Powder is used for the manufacture of vegetable soil.


How would you define your style?

Transformer and generator.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

All granules have peculiarities in touch, volume and physical-mechanical behavior that make them unique, different and endearing.

Why did you decide to use cork in your design?

Because the basis of everything we do and know how to do is the transformation of this natural product.

What property of cork do you value most?

Resilience: this is a natural characteristic of the tree and the bark of the tree (cork) that can be extrapolated to the human being. Cork is a permanent life lesson.


Is sustainability important to you? How do you apply it in your everyday life?

Absolutely. And also for many, many years. Sometimes we are surprised by the fierce defense that there is currently of things that we have been defending for more than 100 years. In everyday life we do it in many ways, for example by eliminating the consumption of fossil fuels.

Do you think cork is a fad or will it become a common material in architecture and design?

Nothing is by chance. We, and any objective analysis, consider cork to be the best example of natural exploitation while preserving the environment, which is why we believe that we need to work to make others see it... and we believe that logic and common sense will eventually prevail . If not, it will mean that rationality has lost the battle of common sense. And we have to be optimistic.


What is your favorite piece of (sustainable) design? Or what sustainable project do you admire?

A champagne cork. Which represents the entire cork industrial sector.




You can access the Ecodesign Catalog with cork by clicking on the following link: