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Sergi Escofet represents the second generation of a family business with more than forty years of experience in the manufacture of all types of caps and specialties in natural and agglomerated cork. 
The production process in the realization of its products is the result of years of experience in artisanal manufacturing together with the most current technologies. This allows them to make any type of article, no matter how special it is, since receiving the sample or drawing, they make the desired order. 


How would you define your style?

Our style adapts to the customer's taste. We receive the design and take care of the production, adapting to the ideas that the customers have about what they want to create.




What are your favorite materials to work with?

Natural cork is my favorite.

Why did you decide to use cork in your design?

For the experience gained over the years. We are an expert company in cork production.

What property of cork do you value most?

That 100% is recyclable and biodegradable, that it is a natural material is definitely the most interesting feature for me. 

Is sustainability important to you? How do you apply it in your everyday life?

Absolutely. As I commented in the previous answer, working with a natural, biodegradable and recyclable 100% material is key. In addition, in the production process we try to minimize waste and make full use of the raw material, which is also very interesting in cork, since the parts that are not used for products with natural cork are crushed by others designs


Do you think cork is a fad or will it become a common material in architecture and design?

It will consolidate. Unfortunately, the growing concern for the environment responds to a global emergency situation and the use of natural materials with little environmental impact will spread more and more.

What is your favorite piece of (sustainable) design? Or what sustainable project do you admire?

A rum cap that we manufacture. It is very special to us.


You can access the Ecodesign Catalog with cork by clicking on the following link: