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This 2016, the ICSuro laboratory, the Cork Center, has reached a record number of annual analyzes in the entire history of this center.

The Cork Center Laboratory was established in 2001 to provide services to the various components of the value chain of the cork and wine sector. In this sense, the experience acquired over the years and the incorporation of high-level technical equipment have allowed the Cork Center to become an international benchmark in the provision of services to the cork, wine and food that seeks to promote the quality and competitiveness of companies in these sectors.

The services offered by the laboratory go through quality controls (sensory analysis, gas chromatography, microbiology and internal protocol designs, among others); sample composition analysis; expertise in litigation matters; validation of technical innovations introduced by the industry, advice and training. The Cork Center carries out quality controls for companies and institutions in the following areas: cork samples, wine and wine analysis, water and chemical products, bottles and packaging, food and agri-food, and environmental.

It currently has ISO 9001 certification accredited by ENAC and is in preparation for ISO 17025 applied to testing and calibration laboratories with the aim of demonstrating that it is technically competent and that its results meet criteria of rigor and veracity.