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Success of the double closing technical day of demonstrative forestry projects

This Thursday was held at theAgricultural Forestry School of Santa Coloma de Farners a double technical day on forestry demonstration projects that served to close the project SURROGATE, take stock of the work done and deliver the first cork peeler certificates. The second part of the session was devoted to exploring the method and results of new cork management techniques to improve its competitiveness and resilience. Both activities are financed through the 01.02.01 Technology Transfer operation of the Rural Development Program of Catalonia 2014-2022 and for this reason the general director of forests and environmental management, Anna Sanitjas, was present. that opened the day.


SUROCAT project

This Thursday's day served to publicize the SUROCAT project, which reached its peak this week with the celebration of the pilot test of the cork peeling course. During the session, a positive assessment was made of both the course format and the method, the standards generated or the exam format and there was the testimony of a trainer and a student who were certified and who have shared their experience.

It has ended with the distribution of new certificates to the training centers, the trainers and the students on the part of the project's partners and the commitment to continue working to make it grow and look for synergies with other territories that have also participated in the session.


New cork management techniques

The second part of the technical day focused on another forestry project, that of managing cork to improve its productivity and resilience. The background of the project and the work that has currently been done to monitor it and obtain positive conclusions, such as improving vitality and production or increasing resilience, were shared with the attendees. towards forest fires. It concludes with an estimate of the impact of this management on ecosystem services and advice on how to apply it practically from a forest ownership perspective.