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Control service for halophenols and haloanisoles in barrels

The wine contamination with “fungal” or “flowery” aromas and/or flavors it's a problem that can affect any winery. The prevention it is essential to avoid the aromas that derive from these compounds.

The barrels may have been treated with halophenols or having absorbed halophenols or haloanisoles of the environment Halophenols were used in the past as pesticides and due to their recalcitrant nature, they persist over time for considerable periods. If the wood absorbs them, some microorganisms can convert these halophenols into haloanisoles that can be transmitted to the wine.

Likewise, microbiological contamination in the cellar can also generate aromas that adsorb to the barrel throughout its useful life. For this reason it is also important to monitor the aromas of the wine resulting from the aging process.

At the Cork Center Laboratory we do these two checks routinely and we have twenty years of experience in this field.