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Collaboration between the Degree in Design of the UB and the ICSuro Foundation

The Degree in Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Barcelona University and the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation have collaborated together to introduce cork into the subject Industrial Project II first year with the aim of create games or toys from the material.

Complementary to Cork Museum of Catalonia, which has extensively explained the historical uses of cork based on its properties, the task of the Institut Català del Suro has consisted of giving an introductory lesson on cork as a material and its possibilities in the field of design for in order to establish the foundations of this project. An activity that is part of the Foundation's commitment to spread knowledge about the cork sector.

The resulting projects

As a result of this collaboration, around forty projects have emerged that explore some of the main properties of cork such as the low coefficient of friction, impermeability or low density and lightness. Among the games and toys presented are puzzles, construction pieces, trains, rings for making baskets in and out of the water or obstacle courses.

Below, some of the work done by the students under the direction of the architect Josep J. Teruel i Samsó, professor at the UB.

The toy of Blanca Conde Pérez it is a game of constructions that, by its formalization, reinforces the concept of balance.

Blanca Conde

The toy of Núria Estarellas Tramullas allows you to express feelings or emotions through the knowledge of the face.

Núria Estarellas

The toy of Marta García Garcés is both a stacking and matching game and a puzzle.

Marta Garcia

the toy ofOriol Gómez Navarrete is a stacking game by creating a space path or circuit along which a ball rolls.

Oriol Gómez

The toy of Julia Ribas Simon is the game of rings that, due to the shape of its base, can be both a water game and a stubborn or grasshopper that swings when you hit it.

Julia Ribas