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The government delegate in Girona and the territorial director of Climate Action visit ICSuro

The representative of the Government of the Generalitat in Girona, Laia Cañigueral, and the director of the Territorial Services for Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda in Girona, Elizabeth Sánchez, they visited this Friday the Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation, where they met with representatives of its board of trustees, headed by its president Joan J. Puig, and with its director, Albert Hereu.

The aim of the visit was to offer them a global approach to the cork sector and the work of the ICSuro foundation, from research and the pursuit of new applications based on the material to the work of the Cork Center Laboratory, which works rigorously to provide excellent service to the cork and wine industries.

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During the meeting following the visit, the ICSuro explained the needs of the sector and conveyed to the government representatives their strategic lines 2020-2025, which have been agreed upon by the various actors in the cork sector and which address issues such as the bioeconomy of the sector, the dissemination of the value of corks, the sustainable use and regeneration of forests or the contribution of the cork in the positive evolution of wines .

The meeting has been very positive and both parties have set to work, united by the good will of the sector.