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We present posters from four studies at the International Conference on Cork in Science and Applications 2023

The Catalan Institute of Cork Foundation attended the 4th International Conference on Cork in Science and Applications 2023 in Vilanova de Gaia (Portugal) which took place on September 7 and 8. About eighty participants from countries such as France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland or South Korea attended and there were 34 regular presentations, 8 posters and 5 key lectures.

On behalf of ICSuro, Dr. Patrícia Jové and researcher Maria Verdum from the foundation's R+D+i department attended. The latter was in charge of directing and moderating the last presentation of the first day.

Studies presented

ICSuro has presented in this edition of the congress four posters corresponding to four studies different:

– Study of aromatic profile of Quercus Suber L.

– Study of cork from Quercus Suber with and without yellow spot: aromatic fraction and cellular structure

– The influence of the production process on the natural cork stoppers permeability and its impact on still wine aging

– Novel sustainable alternatives for the study of chemical composition of cork

The Congress

Cork in Science and Applications is a biannual event that has cork in science as the protagonist and is intended for researchers, universities, cork companies, wineries and designers.

thelast edition of this congress, that of 2019, was held in Palafrugell and its host was the Institut Català del suro coinciding with the official presentation of the new stage of ICSuro as a private foundation of a scientific nature and without the intention of profit